“We believe that we can contribute best if we pick up refugees and house them in a safe environment."

We are deeply touched by the developments of the war in Ukraine.

More than 1.5 million people have fled the country. For those who stayed behind, the situation is life-threatening and extremely uncertain. Many others are trying to leave the country and get to safety. They urgently need our help.

Wibaut works every day at realising homes for the large groups of people in the Netherlands who desperately need a suitable home. At the beginning of March, we also started a project to pick up Ukrainian refugees at the Polish border and provide them with shelter and the first necessities of life in the west. Our request: help us to help them!


Our campaign for Ukraine has raised more than € 50,000. We were able to transport two coaches with refugees to Alcossebre and Valencia respectively. The refugees in Alcossebre still live there, although they have exchanged the holiday resort for homes in or near the coastal town. Most of them have found work in or outside the resort, and the children will go back to school at the beginning of September. With the remaining funds we support Fast Lane Ukraine (FLU) and Dutch Civilian Action (DCA). Both organizations try to contribute in their own way.

FLU does this by matching volunteers, drivers, people with essential goods and Ukrainian refugees through registrations on their website. Approximately 50 to 60 refugees are accommodated every week.

DCA does this a little differently by arranging a van and driving to the Poland-Ukraine border themselves. There they register at refugee receptions to pick up refugees and at the same time look for new ways to help locally. The refugees are then placed at host families in the Netherlands and also receive aftercare from DCA.

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Wibaut will double the first €12,500 in donations to €25,000!

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For international donations: 
NL78 INGB 0006 8788 26 in name of E.M. van der Meijde Beheer B.V.


We believe that we can contribute best if we pick up refugees and house them in a safe environment. This means transport and shelter for those who cannot arrange this themselves. We therefore (co-)organise projects that provide transport, housing and the basic necessities of life for Ukrainian refugees. We have committed to a first project and will ensure that sufficient funds are generated to make this project run smoothly. We need your help to do this.


The project starts on Monday 14 March. Then we will drive with a bus from Barcelona to Przemyśl in Poland to pick up 50 mainly Ukrainian women and children. We will bring them to flats in Alcocebre, Castellón (near Valencia) that have been made available by the owner of a holiday resort for the coming months. There they will receive shelter, language lessons, basic necessities and they will be offered work in the resort.

How will the money be used?

The money will be used for bus transportation and first necessities of life. The organisation works on a voluntary basis  and the stay in Alcocebre is offered free of charge. Wibaut doubles every incoming donation and will report on the website about the progress and eventually draw up a financial report in cooperation with Wibaut’s accountant (MTH). In this way, every euro spent will be substantiated. Ernest himself travels to Poland and remains intensively involved in order to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. Also we will stay involved in the coming months with the further course in Alcocebre.

For this project, €25,000 is needed. Once the first goal has been achieved, we will start a second project. Our starting point is to combine the collection of refugees with housing and the provision of basic necessities.

Further plans

Wibaut is currently also looking at possibilities to house a number of refugees in one of our project locations.

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