Every project contributes to our mission.

We’re looking for solutions to the housing shortage throughout the Netherlands.

We primarily focus on target groups whose need for a home is most urgent and make happy living a first priority. We develop all our projects around sustainability, connecting people and shared forms of living.

Based on this philosophy and our intention to tackle the housing shortage, we work on various projects throughout the country.

Gouda has an urgent problem: there are not enough homes for young people. The municipality recognises this and has given us the opportunity to develop a plan for 200 apartments at Spoorzone A1 East. The basic plan is underpinned by our 1828 concept. It consists of rental apartments of 25 to 50 m2 with shared facilities, a communal terrace and shared electric cars.

Status: Under development

A car company was located along the railway and the water in De Scheepmaker, an area just outside the centre. In collaboration and consultation with the municipality and local authorities, we made this place suitable for housing. A total of 75 people are now living in attractive apartments in De Scheepmaker area. They share various amenities and of course their enthusiasm for this special place.

Status: Sold and delivered

There’s a strong need in Haarlem as well. When our first project of affordable housing for young home seekers was announced, we received no fewer than 10,000 responses. We developed the 1828 housing concept for young people who are looking to buy or rent their first home, through which we can contribute to solving the housing issue in many municipalities. This 1828 project at Spaarndamseweg is now taking shape. This project involves 140 homes with shared facilities that will be rented out by 1828 Groep.

Status: Under development

It’s very difficult for people on middle incomes to find a home in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam. Supply is simply much smaller than demand and the housing associations mainly focus on low incomes. We’re making every effort to realise 125 homes for the middle segment at Rijksstraatweg, a special location, in close consultation with the local residents.

Status: Under development

We also want to offer a solution to first-time buyers and tenants (18 to 28 years) in the Haarlem region. For 1828 we are working on plans at two locations. The intention is to realise 109 rental apartments on at Westelijke Randweg, in accordance with our 1828 housing concept. The interest is overwhelming and we hope that the municipal council (Bloemendaal) shares that enthusiasm.

Status: Under development

A company for soil drilling had been located in a beautiful spot close to the water, at the southern edge of Haarlem, for a considerable period of time. We bought the land from the Tjaden family and are now building a new small neighbourhood of 32 homes in that location. Status: Under development, Sales started

Status: Sales started, Under development