“You can't live in nonsense.”

“We are advocates of happy living.”

At Wibaut, we believe that a good home is a precondition for happiness in life. Everyone should be able to have a proper house and home that matches their standard of living. Because pleasant living makes people happier. And people who are happy make the world a better place.

Currently, the Netherlands is facing a housing shortage of 437,000 homes. The housing shortage has been growing for years and that doesn’t seem to be changing; politicians and other governing bodies do see the urgency, but fail to come up with an effective policy. The result is that large groups of people do not have a suitable home, while a suitable place to live is a primary necessity of life.

Housing shortage is nothing new. After World War II, there was a great shortage of housing because construction had come to a standstill and many houses had been destroyed or damaged during the war. Unfortunately, reconstruction between 1945 and 1960 was not sufficient and in 1962, housing shortage was public enemy number 1. The housing shortage in combination with the housing speculation led to the coronation riots in Amsterdam in 1980: “No home, no coronation!” Something structural had to be done! The only solution to the shortage is to build homes.

As project developers, we therefore believe it is our duty to develop and realise a great number of high-quality, suitable housing concepts. And to do so in a sustainable manner: qualitatively, environmentally conscious and integrated respectfully into the environment. With a strong focus and willpower, we give home seekers a voice, we search for locations, we convince governments and we build suitable homes.

With the happy living we bring, we aim to contribute to the lives of many people and make the Netherlands an even better and more beautiful place to live.

We are Wibaut. We bring you happy living.

Our Team

We are medium-sized Dutch project developers that aim to create social impact. We do this with a team of professionals and a number of strong partners.

“Barbara is an HR Professional and she contributes to Wibaut with her extensive experience as a generalist in the HR profession.”
“You only experience that distinctive feeling when everything is just right.”
“Contributing to the solution to the housing shortage is an enormous drive for me.”
“As far as I’m concerned, integrity is the foundation of everything. Practise what you preach and keep your promises.”
“We work with a professional team and short lines of communication. That suits me.”
“I think it’s great if my efforts mean that more young people are getting a home.”

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