Creating happy homes is key

Specific target groups have specific housing needs.

We work with housing concepts. We use this to develop, design and build homes for those groups that need it most. Innovative, sustainable and simply beautiful. And most importantly, they are affordable for the target group.

This method represents a new approach to housing development: we look for locations to fill a housing need (instead of profit maximisation at a certain site.) And that is necessary to really reduce the housing shortage.

In our housing concepts, happy living always comes first: we supplement homes with services that increase comfort and shared forms of living that connect people.

1828: housing concept for young people

Our concept 1828 proves that it is possible. Several municipalities are also enthusiastic. With shared facilities, an eye for the environment and nature and a long investment horizon, we provide affordable housing for young people, through 1828.

1828 is a housing concept for first-time buyers and tenants between the ages of 18 and 28. This is a group that often misses out: an owner-occupied home is not an option (yet) and affordable rental housing is very scarce. Based on this concept, we develop buildings throughout the Netherlands. And we are looking for more locations.

1828 assumes a single building of separate studios in different sizes and many shared facilities. For example, a multimedia lounge and a laundry bar where meeting, socialising and doing the laundry are united in one. Or a gym, a communal terrace and a shared car. 1828 offers the comfort of a private living space with the convenience of shared property or spaces you use less often.

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Under development at various locations


AIVM, De Wijde Blik, VKZ, MHUD, Van Ommeren Architecten

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NCLT: a new collaborative form of living

Our second concept is coming soon: affordable collaborative living in the city. NCLT is based on the CLT philosophy. CLT stands for Community Land Trust and combines individual rights with collective ownership.

With our NCLT concept, we focus on sustainable residential buildings with collectivity. The homes are jointly owned, managed by and for the community and are permanently affordable.

More coming soon. We’ll keep you informed


Under development


Beaumont Communicatie, Heren 5 Architecten, MHUD, Genoeg Ruimte, Dennis Tran, Els Slijkerman

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