Homes for all

A suitable home is an important condition for happiness in life. In fact, it should be a fundamental right.

“A suitable home is a right.”
That’s why Wibaut is a project developer and advocate of happy living. We stand up for the interests of people without suitable housing and realise housing concepts that suit them.

We can help with solutions.

There is a desperate shortage of suitable housing. Municipalities in the Netherlands are aware of this, but are unable to do anything about it in the short term. In fact, finding a home is only getting harder. We can help with solutions.

“I’m so happy it worked out! ”

In close consultation with the municipality, the local authorities and AIVM Investments, we have succeeded in creating a beautiful residential building of 45 apartments, in a quiet spot along the railway and water.

One of the lucky residents is Maaike Visser (24). She works as a primary school teacher and does a Master’s degree in her own time. “I wanted my own house, but that’s almost impossible in this region. And yet I would like to stay here.”

We are deeply touched by the developments of the war in Ukraine.

More than 1.5 million people have fled the country. For those who stayed behind, the situation is life-threatening and extremely uncertain. Many others are trying to leave the country and get to safety. They urgently need our help.

Wibaut works every day at realising homes for the large groups of people in the Netherlands who desperately need a suitable home. At the beginning of March, we also started a project to pick up Ukrainian refugees at the Polish border and provide them with shelter and the first necessities of life in the west. Our request: help us to help them!